Sunday, April 17, 2005

Best Day Ever


Well, it was our last day here in Maui and we all did our best to make it memorable.

We started out at 6AM and hit the surf. Z borrowed one of Vanessa’s surfboards, and while they and Scott and Myra surfed, Steffi and I ocean kayaked (played around in the waves in a big indestructible sit-on-top kayak).

Then after a few hours we piled back in the cars and stopped at home to drop off the boards. We jumped right back in the cars and headed off for our bamboo forest hike at “Bamboo Pools.”

The most INCREDIBLE place I have been. Bamboo trees as far as the eye can see. Then you pop out into fresh-water swimming pools and waterfalls. The hike was moderately rigorous, but we brought the two house-dogs along. At one point we had to hoist them up a 15 foot face cliff. It was quite a production.

It was absolutely amazing swimming in those pools under the waterfalls. We jumped off cliffs and generally made merry. We managed to do all this with only a few minor cuts and bruises…ouch.

On the way back we stopped for fresh coconuts that were hacked open right before our eyes! Outstanding. I never really liked coconut until I had it fresh…today.

The house is having a going-away dinner tonight which promises to be a grand ole time. To see more pictures check’em out by clicking the link on the right side of the screen!


Blogger Johnny Vulkan said...

Pull your shorts up man, small children may be reading this blog. I get more jealous everyday. Mind you here in NYC the whole city was given the day off so that the streets could be paved in gold and free champagne was served on very corner so you're missing cool stuff to. (snrfffgrrrr)

9:07 AM  

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