Monday, April 11, 2005

What Makes Rambutans So Much Fun?

I don’t know what makes them fun, but they are. They are these crazy little spiky fruits and when you cut them open they have this sweet grape-like yumminess inside.


Today Z and I washed a bunch of windows.

Here at Myra’s house we not only eat organic food, we also use only natural cleaning products. So…Z and I had only a few rags and some vinegar/ water solution (1 to 4) with which to clean. It actually is not a half-bad alternative.

Z and I are taking tomorrow off as we have a bunch of things to tie up in preparation for our departure next Monday. Our time here at the farm has gone by very quickly and we will be sad to go. We have made some good friends here and we will miss them and Maui a great deal.


Blogger SAVAGECORP said...

next monday.. whaen are you coming? i thought you were getting here on friday 22nd?

11:54 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

Dad and I are having a wonderful adventure in Australia - I waved towards Honolulu sometime during the wee hours of the morning of the 11th of April as we headed for Sydney. Not hearly as bad as we'd imagined - but when you imagine death, most anything else is better, I suppose. We slept a lot on the trip so when we arrived in Sydney, Jenny met us and we showered, cleaned up our act and headed out on a walk to Newtown, where she lives. DIdn't quite make it all the way but ended up at a student union - cafeteria sort of place where we used the facilities and contacted Jenny to tell her where we were. It was aabout time for her class to end and we thought that we'd not try to overdo too much. Then we had luch with Jenny and Gianna at their favorite lunch spot. It was lovely. Then we made reservations for the Great Barrier Reef and headed towards Sydney using public transportation - i.e. buses - YEAH! - and went to Darling Harbor. Since it started to rain Jenn brought us to the aquarium where we spent a good deal of time taking in the fauna of the region. I was thinking of you lying in the foliage during your hike and couldn't help thinking that you might not do that here unless you want to risk life or limb - everything is poisonous. Sign in the aquarium over the crocodile exhibit (when you are viewing it from on top) "Do not fall in - if the fall doesn't kill you the crocodile will." He looked langorous and sleepy but I think he'd ake up quick if lunch dropped in for a visit.

Be well and tell me about the olive oil. Dad ordered apple juice for breakfast here, coincidentally, and it must have been fresh squeezed. Looked like a granny smith from the top to midway (dense green) and juice from there to the bottom. Very good, however. Keep us posted on your adventures!

3:46 PM  
Blogger ninar said...

i can't believe you are leaving, i am very very sad, last night i suggested to another friend that she work here with her boyfriend...har har...only if she keeps a blog, i loved your blog erin, and i loooove rambutans i used to eat them in thailand all the time. i decided when i get married i will carry a bouquet of long stemmed rambutans down the aisle...

2:20 AM  

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