Saturday, April 16, 2005

Shimminy Crickets

So we went to the Shim Shai concert last night – Steffi, Brandon, Z, Dahi and I. Whoa. Music was ok. Shim Shai as it turns out is a blond, dreaded, Jewish kid whom we suspect is from Cherry Hills, NJ. No confirmation on that. Pure speculation.

The show was a bit weak, but the SCENE was worth every penny. Great numbers of loose fitting skirts and shirts of all shapes and sizes arrived barefoot and ready to jam. The atmosphere was a bit tainted by put-on spirituality, but all in all they were good folks out to have a grand ole time. Classic Maui gathering – hippified to the max (and I don’t use that term lightly).

This morning Myra held her monthly 108 Sun Salutations class at 7am which Z and I attended. It is as straightforward as it sounds. For those of you unfamiliar with yoga Sun Salutations, I will simply say that 108 Sun Salutations is no laughing matter. I was very apprehensive about attending, as I imagined that I would make it to 30, maybe push out another sputtering five and then simply collapse into Child’s Pose.

Surprisingly, I FINISHED! Now to be fair, I was a bit behind Myra and her crew. That is, it took them about 50 minutes to finish them and it took me 70. But those are just details. The point is that I finished! Just goes to show you what a couple of months in Maui will do for your body and spirit and drive.

Then Z, Steffi and I headed out to the Kahului (pronounced Ka - who - louie) for the Saterday Swap Meet. Found some interesting trinkets. Quite a show down there.

We returned to the house for lunch and then spent most of our time making these signs for Myra's vegetable garden. A fantastic afternoon.

It looks like tomorrow the whole house will be heading out to hit the surf. Everyone rides a different kind of board - so it should be interesting. Myra's friend Ann is lending us two ocean Kayaks for the outing. Nice! Don't worry...we'll take pictures and report later!


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