Tuesday, April 05, 2005

All Around Town

We were all over the place today. As usual, we took a half-day this Tuesday and hitched a ride to Pa’ia. Here you see Steffi and Z in the back of the truck that picked us up. In fact, it was the first vehicle that came along…this is quite good luck in the world of hitchhiking.

Went to the beach in Pa’ia. Rained a bit. No problem…it’s Hawaii you know? It is very hard to be upset by a brief rainfall here and there.

Then made the customary stop at Mana – the natural food grocery store we all live and die by. It was busy as usual. As planned Myra met us there with Vanessa and Scott so fortunately we did not have to hitch a ride back.

Upon our return Z and I went to work on some re-sodding in the front yard. Hey, this may not be the most exciting life, but it sure is a good one!


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