Friday, April 01, 2005

hard as a rock

erin pouring cement

Today was full of excitement. The work crew Myra hired to build the labyrinth aren’t scheduled to come back until Tuesday. Meanwhile our housemate Scott had worked all day with them yesterday so he became quite familiar with the cement mixing and pouring process…and he was eager to continue and conveniently the work crew had left their machinery and supplies here.

everyone pouring cement

Before long the entire house was out there pouring cement and shaping the stones. ME pouring cement? WHA??


Here is Brandon after a long day of pouring and mixing cement. Brandon’s face is covered in the dye from the cement. It left him looking somewhere between a drag queen and a raccoon. Fun stuff.

Today was mainly a workday (as you can see). We did manage a *Mana* run (grocery store). There were intense 50mph winds throughout the day which made working outside very interesting.

Tomorrow we will start our day with some Yoga, then work for 1.5 hours and afterwards we might be heading to Pa’ia for a Raw Food Party at the beach. Not really sure what that will entail but I will be sure to fill you in.


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