Wednesday, March 23, 2005

blisters and yoga

singing and playing

Last night Scott, Stephi and Brandon broke into song after dinner. Stephi is singing. This home is often such a pleasant place to live.

Today was 6 hours of pretty intense physical labor. Z and I were fighting with Castor Bean vines all day. Some of the roots were as big and burly as tree trunks! Being the city girl that I am, my *delicate* fingers and palms developed multiple blisters through the gloves.

Great - now i am a blistery, burned-to-a-crisp FREAK! All in a day's work. It was actually quite fun. We got to watch one of our housemates, Scott, the resident handyman fix the golf-cart-type vehicle. Apparently he broke off the electric starter, so he had to start it using a piece of rope - similar to starting a lawnmower. Very impressive.

After we retired from the yard for the evening we had a fairly rigorous yoga session with Myra.

Z then made the two of us an excellent meal of lentil soup, tofu, arugula, apple sauce, bagels and muffins.


On a final note - can you believe there are the cutest little pineapples growing in our backyard????!!!


Blogger jenny said...

um, i just got your "Me and Erin G" play on a word. cute- but i feel a little behind. I am so jealous that you are getting so healthy! I am just about the most unhealthy person i know. If i end up doing the hawaii thing as well i can imagine it would feel a lot like a high colonic at this point. I'm not all that ashamed that i don't know how to spell that. I leave for thailand today and won't be posting to my blog for 10 days, but i will catch you up as soon as i get back. Also, i am not taking my digital camera as i will fill it up immediately and then just be sad that i can't unload the pictures. so, i am taking the old school camera and can develop my thai pictures in photo class- which is awesome. I miss you soooo much erin and zach, adn can't wait to see you in august. Love you so much! YOU SOUND AMAZING! ~Jenny

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