Wednesday, March 30, 2005

power tools are sexy

erin with power saw

Ok – maybe power tools are not THAT sexy on me. Go ahead and have yourself a good laugh. I felt a lot cooler than I looked while sanding away at the walkway.

As you can see z and I had a long day of work today. We are bushed. Among other tasks, I was assigned to use the electric sander to remove the old paint. I was actually very excited to get to use such a fun and noisy tool.

z digging

Z worked on putting up shelves in the carport – more power tools – z got to use the mega drill. Then he got to help dig the labyrinth for the front yard. It promises to look very unusual but fantastic all at the same time.


We just finished some yoga and Z is making us some adzukis and garbanzos for dinner. Life in the fast lane, right KAG?


Blogger Mom said...

Wow!! Where can I get a landscaper to spray paint a labyrinth on MY lawn? I ooks gorgeous, however. What will go in there - flowers? And boy, Erin, do I have projects for you - with power tools, too. I am impressed. Hope you think of me now and again. I am nursing my sore foot as I somehow injured it on my manytrips up and down the ladder as I hung blinds and spongepainted the bathroom. I'll download a pix of the bath - came out bright and cheery! Love ya - Mom

11:57 PM  
Blogger jenny said...

Erin- i think mom loves you more than me. She is actually leaving messages on your blog. Um, give yourself more credit- you look sexy in anything! Especially knee high socks with pj's tucked into them.
You are my hero. I can't believe that i am in thailand seeing these sights and half-way around the world- and STILL, i am jealous of you and your experiences. Little sister sydrome i guess.
I MISS YOU AND ZACH! His hair looks great, and you both look amazing. YOu are sooo beautiful erin- and i am so jealous of how healthy and fit you must be getting. I need to start weening myself off my tim-tam and maltesers addiction.
I hope you are well- you sound great. I can't wait to start figuring out if i can do this stuff this summer for a bit as well.
Keep in touch, adn i love the egg carton. Shout out from the special bus! Love, Jenny

3:02 AM  
Blogger aLANA said...

erin and z! apologies for my slack of comments! i love everything i am reading and seeing about your journies!! motivating, inspirational, and as i was saying the other night when talking about ya'll to scottie's family, "it always makes yourself a bit more interesting when you know such charasmatic people who are doing extraordinary things in life." what is new with me? visitors have dissipated, we have moved out of our beach house and into "our" home/ much i want to do with the place!!! and i love it already!! nothing is unpacked yet, so it is a bit disatrous. However, our balcony and balcony door faces east, so "the sun will shine on my back door one day...." --I Know You Rider, Grateful Dead. I get to see alicia and jeff this weekend as they are coming in town for a wedding. stoked about that. we had a department meeting at work yesterday where i became aware of grand mistakes i was making...and my boss still cannot pronounce my name right. comedy. but, friday looms in the near distance, the beach and red stripes shall be visited on saturday, and scottie and i are working on finding our soulmate beach your work in the garden, z--you are stylin' and profilin' with the new do...hottie as always...welp, back to billing. love you guys!!

9:11 AM  

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