Friday, March 25, 2005

surfing rocks


Everyone, I would like you to meet one of our housemates, Scott. Scott, everyone. Scott just got out of the hot tub after a long day of working hard and paused long enough from devouring the pineapple to pose for us. I needed a picture to post today and Scott was generous enough to oblige.

What could be more interesting than Scott in just a towel???? I caught a wave THIS BIG today!! Z and I went surfing - my first time. It was truly a thing of beauty. I am proud to announce that I got up on my very first wave.

We returned to Lahaina for our surfing escapade. One of our housemates lent us her car so fortunately, we did not have to hitch this time. It was a really great feeling being able to drive around Maui. That is actually such a plus about staying here longer than the average vacation time - being able to really get to know the island and navigate all by our lonesome.

Z and I signed up for a lesson. Although Z has considerable surfing experience, it never hurts to get a lesson. It worked out perfectly as Z and I ended up getting our own instructor - Sam - for the group price. Nice.

After the two hours we were exhausted. Those surfers always make the paddling around on the board look easy. SO *NOT* easy. Ouch. Despite all that mulching and yoga, my arms were quite shocked to be worked so hard and are now limp and pained - the *good* kind of hurt though!

It was a PERFECT first day of surfing. The weather was outstanding and the water gorgeous. Life is good.


Blogger Mom said...

Dear Erin - Sounds like you are having a blast. I always wanted to try surfing, myself. I tried windsurfing and couldn't get up on the board long enough to pull the sail up.

I feel from all your descriptions that you are getting a taste of why I love to work in my garden. It IS a good kind a sweat! I cannot spend long times in the gym without thinking of all that energy going to waste and not being used in some productive endeavor. AND you have something pleasant and enjoyable to look at afterwards. Spwaking of endeavors with a reward, I must get back to spongepainting the bathroom. Finished the bedroom yesterday - it is a serene (color name) blue and very soothing to the eyes. Love you a ton - any word on the computer yet? I am so sorry it is taking so long!!! Love, Mom

4:32 AM  

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