Sunday, March 27, 2005

recipes and pictures


Regretfully, I have created some confusion surrounding the debut of my second blog that catalogues the food that z and I have been eating here in Maui. I apologize.

Myra Lewin, our host/boss/chef/yoga instructor has been kind enough to allow me to photograph her dishes and post their recipes on my blog. To this end, I have created a second blog – meanderingfood – where I post photos and recipes of the dishes we are eating.

For those of you who have expressed a keen interest in learning more about the kinds of food we have been preparing and eating, as well as some general tips on healthy cooking please do visit meanderingfood .

As always, I welcome your comments here at meanderingtravels as well as meanderingfood . I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as we have enjoyed consuming it!


Blogger Mom said...

Deaer Erin - This is the second comment I am writing - the 1st kicked me off and wouldn't let me post. Oh, well. Dad and I are leaving for the chilly northeast tomorrow AM and I must meet a client in court at 1:30. Jim will cover in case we have a delay but otherwise Matt will pick us up at 12:30PM. We have saran wrapped the toilets (to keep the water from evaporating) and have added clorox tokeep the mold away and are busy packing. I am reheating the shrimp scampi that I made the other night for dinner. It is so quiet here, tho! We will be returning in June to be here when the rest of the furniture is to be delivered. It wil depend on schedules. The Cape will also be calling us at that time.

I tried to paint the kitchen while I was here but am having difficulty finding the right color. Tried a tan but it was too taupy. The trid a sponge point combination but came out pink - ouch. Dad says no more sponge painting as will pick out a color to suit him - not a sponge paint effect - and I will paint. Experimenting can be frustrating AND time consuming.

We love your blog entries and arae glad you and Zach are having a great time. What memories! Miss you both - Love, Mom

2:27 PM  

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