Tuesday, March 22, 2005


erin at beach zach at the beach

it has been a few days since my last post. i thank all my loyal readers (mom, dad, jenny) for checking in anyway and i apologize for the delay.

z and i have been busy working in the garden. yesterday we spent a whole lot of time with the fig trees. we had to re-string the cd's around the entire perimeter and interior as many of them had been blown down by the recent storms.

we then had to take out a few sickly trees and plant healthier ones in their place. plants, like most people enjoy being spoken to and some gentle touching. z and i did our best to encourage these new trees to put down roots. imagine it if you can and have yourself a good laugh.

then we applied this sappy caramel-type substance called "tanglefoot" to the base of the trees. first you wrap the trunk with a band of gauzy material, and then apply tanglefoot to it. the tanglefoot catches the ants coming down the tree and going up and prevent them from wreaking mayhem on the fruits. cleaning up after that task was no easy chore.

beach pic

today z, our housemate stefi, and i went to the beach for the afternoon. unfortunately i was a bit too hurried while applying the sun block and i have burns sporadically all over my body. i look a bit diseased at the moment, but we are all hoping it will pass. i will go collect some aloe from the aloe plants in the yard and slap some of those green sticky leaves on.

that is about it. tonight Myra is giving a talk on sexual energy. i guess she has sensed that there might be some sexual tension/ energy/ hormonal overdrive - as she has 6 twenty-somethings living under her roof, 4 of whom are single. should be a hoot. i will let you know how it goes.


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BOom chiggy chiggy.. remmeber to share what u leanr --_--

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