Friday, March 18, 2005

hitting the pavement

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i was too wiped to post yesterday. z and i had a VERY long day of mulching and only had enough energy to eat and crawl into bed afterwards. between yoga and working in the garden, not to mention the crazy organic-hyper-healthy diet, we are certainly getting into good shape.

today was a traveling day. z and i had the day off and headed out early for Lahaina, a town about 40 miles away. as neither z nor i have a car, we hitchhiked our way there.

this ended up being quite an adventure.

in all, we ended up getting 9 rides. 4 out and 5 back. it was a lot, but fun. met a bunch of interesting people.

Lahaina is an old whaling town - dating back to the 1830's. there were a handful of historic sites in town including an old prison, town house and missionary house (the oldest standing home on the island).

z is pictured here in Banyan Tree Park - one tree encompasses the entire park. the tree was massive.

the trip was good, but i am not sure i will be returning anytime soon. it is a pretty far distance to hitch with long and empty stretches in between. great memories though.

i have been hearing from a number of you that you are having problems commenting here. i think i have solved the problem, so feel free to try again. i love hearing from you!


Blogger Mom said...

Hola! Now I can write more than 300 characters? Neat! Wish I hadsomething really interesting to say but life is OK in spite of the mundane-nicity of it all. Will be going to Dan and Holly's to see Patrick in a play. He has one of the leads an looks adorble in the costume. Lots of us are going so should be a lot f laughts. Loe ya - Mom

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