Monday, March 14, 2005

after a few days on the farm

so our second day here on the farm (saturday) was not quite as exciting as we had hoped. it rained ALL day, which we were told is very unusual. instead of doing work out in the garden we all were assigned "indoor" jobs. z and i spent much of the day cleaning the kitchen cabinets.

part of the work trade deal here includes one meal a day. myra (the boss) makes the meal. so far, despite my somewhat limited palate, i have enjoyed all of them. they are SUPER organic and all veggies. for instance, today we had some sort of hot cereal - quinoa - with raisins, sprouts, apple-type-sauce, papaya (from the garden), and this tasty herbal tea that has to sit for 12 hours before being served. then we had fresh made yogurt that myra brewed last night!

z and i took sunday off and went to the beach with one of our housemates, brandon. he has a car which is crucial since we are about a 20 minute drive from the nearest town. luckily hitch hiking is both legal and safe and is a common form of transportation (we haven't tried it yet, but i will be sure to let you know how it goes). after the beach we visited a small town nearby - Pa'ia. cute, earthy town - natural food store, etc.

today z and i worked a 7 hour day - 7 hours of weeding and laying down cardboard under mulch - apparently it prevents the weeds from getting light and then popping through the mulch. it was actually a lot of fun. there is a magnificent view from all angles - gorgeous mountain tops and exotic plant life. as soon as we get our computer mailed to us (thanks mom) i will be posting pictures like a mad woman. until then, use your imagination.

tomorrow we have off and plan to hitch hike to town and do some grocery shopping. z is furiously looking for a deal on surfboard rentals. if he finds something we might head down to the beach. he is going to teach me...we'll see how well that works out.


Blogger SAVAGECORP said...

your going to let zack teach you how to surf?! zack.. you know how to surf?? hitch-hiking sounds fun.. get some recepies and post 'em up here...


PS. i remembered i have a blog here too, as k and i just recieved the internet, i will also be posting..

7:32 PM  
Blogger erin said...

nice. we will post recipes soon. first tip of the day: onions and garlic and other very spicy foods irritate the mind. often you will find that very angry people eat a lot of spicy foods. or so they say. take it as you will.

8:50 AM  

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