Sunday, May 01, 2005

Thai Flys

We departed Seoul early this morning feeling reluctant to leave our good friends, but excited to continue our travels.

We flew on Thai Air, which is absolutely the most comfortable and accomodating airline I have ever flown on. Not only is there a steady stream of juices offered throughout the trip, there is also an open bar. Although it was MUCH too early for Z or myself, we were impressed with the expansive beverage service.

The food was decent as well and they actually served the meal with REAL silverware! Exciting stuff I tell you. Exciting stuff.

We arrived in Bangkok at 2PM local time (1 hour behind Seoul). We hopped on a bus to Khao San road and ate some falafel from our favorite stand from last year. Then we picked up some things we needed for our trip and caught a city bus to the bus station.

We are returning to Krabi in southern Thailand (where we visited last year) for a few days before heading to Malaysia. The cheapest way to do this is by overnight bus, so the bus it is.

We decided to take the Thai (non-tourist) bus line instead of the touirst bus tour we took to Krabi last year. As it turns out, the tourist line is a bit more expensive although it does leave from a more convenient part of town. However, the real draw back to the tourist line is the fact that the driver's buddies invariably rummage through everyone's bags during the long ride.

Luckily Karen and Brett had warned us of this practice before we got on the bus (last year) so nothing was stolen since they are only interest in cash and credit cards. Howerver we did have to do some serious repacking as it was clear our stuff had been tossed.

This time (thanks again to Karen and Brett's suggestion) we took the Thai bus line, where there is no baggage rummaging during the trip. We certainly did not blend in however as we were the only westerners on the bus (not including the two Chinese guys who were clearly tourists as well).

It was an interesting ride - and by intersting I mean LONG and UNCOMFORTABLE.


Blogger SAVAGECORP said...

Long and uncomfortable... How was it compared to the tourist bus? Is it worth it to take a Thai overnight? Was there a stewardes on the bus to serve you drinks? Did they blast a movie the whole time??

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