Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rai Lay Beach

On Monday night Z and I watched tje sunset on the west side of the island. A number of Rai lay visitors congregate there every evening for some drinks, the sunset and an assortment of other entertainment.

We watched apick-up game of football (aka soccer) as well as some bohemian fire spinning and juggling.

Afterwards we headed back to the east side for dinner. Surprisingly we ran into one of our former rock climbing instructors from last year, Teek. he came and sat with us for a bit. We offferrred to buy him a beer but he declined since he is in training for an upcoming rock climbing competition in Bangkok.

The next morning we woke up early and ate a quick bite before heading to the rock climbing shop at 8:40AM. This time Toby was our instructor.

We returned to last year's site and Z and i were delighted to find that we were able to complete erach route with much more skill and speed than last year. must be all that yoga.

After climbing we were wiped. We grabbed some grub and trekked to the beach. There is a psudo-long trail until you get to the ocean and numerous vendors selling a variety of trinkets. The best part of the hike however is that you will usually see a family of monkeys hanging out up to two feet away from you - studying you as closely as you them.

more to come.

p.s. - i apologize for typos, the key board is VERY sticky and when paying by the minute it is much more expensive to do any serious editing. ttfn.

p.p.s. - you absolutely MUST check out Brett's blog as he eloquently discusses our adventures in korea.


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