Sunday, May 01, 2005

Back to the Beach

We arrived in Krabi safely around 7AM and shared a cab with the two Chinese Tourists to Aonang where we took a boat ride to Rai Lay beach. When one of the Chinese tourists asked where we were coming from, Z replied "Korea." The Chinese tourist asked "KOREA?" and Z confirmed. Then he turned to his buddy and relayed this bit of information to his buddy in Chinese, where upon the buddy looked up quizically and asked "KOREA?". This went on for a few minutes. Finally I turned to Z and explained that he had just told them that we were Korean.

After that they weren't quite so chummy with us for the rest of the ride.

Once in Aonang we grabbed a quick breakfast and caught a boat over to Rai Lay without incident. As Z observed, it is very weird but exciting to be back here again.

The island is noticeably more emplty than last year, due in larger part to the tsunami. However, most of the structures seem to be intact and the local tourist industires appear to be operating in full swing.

The depressed economy has made staying here significantly less expensive - with our room costing a mere 250 baht ($6.00) per night in comparison with last year's 500 baht per night price.

To be fair, we are NOT staying in a 5 star resort. We have no AC (to be expected) no hot water (but it is much too hot here for such a thing), no sink per say (a drain in the floor and a hose-type contraption) and no running water in the toilet (to flush you fill up a bucket - which IS provided - with water and pour it in and hope for the best). I would be remiss not to mention the positives which include a working fan and a mosquito net for the bed.

Although I am sure many of you (DAD) are cringing at the thought of staying at such a place, Z and I absolutely LOVE it. It has a very Swiss Family Robinson feel to it.

NOTE: Brett took a number of photos of our trip in KOREA which turned out much better than mine - mainly because he is a better photographer and has a better camera. Check them out here.

I hope to be posting my photos soon again, we just need to find an internet cafe that will accept my card. Toodles.


Blogger SAVAGECORP said...

It's not the cameraman or the camera - well maybe it has a little to do with it, but very little. Low light has more to do with it... Anyway, you use a bucket to flush the toilet?! no screens on the windows.. i see why we satyed at teh other place.

Are there lots of bugs?? all i remember about the mosquito net thing it that it makes the room stuffy and air from the 'fan' doesn't circulate so well into the net... Swiss family Robinson - sound more like India to me. Remember - If you wake up at night from bugs biting you, PUT ON THE SPRAY. We all know what happens if you don't.

6:19 AM  

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